Bring on the e-bikes!

Bring on the e-Bikes

E-bikes make cycling accessible to almost everyone. They come in many shapes and sizes, with differing motor types. The basic premise is that an electric motor assists as you pedal, and the amount of assistance varies depending on what assist level you select. For more about how they work, check out this article.  From a practical perspective, here are some things you can do with an e-bike:

      1. Get fit.
        There is research to suggest that e-bikes can contribute to meeting physical activity recommendations and increasing physical fitness.  Like regular biking, riding an e-bike likely improves mood and overall well-being as well.
      2. Have control over exercise intensity.
        With an e-bike, you can get outdoors and cycle without having to follow the stereotypical cyclist’s “suffer” mantra. By controlling the degree of pedal assist, you can work harder or take it easy, depending on how you are feeling on that day.
      3. Go further with less effort.
        Explore a longer trail and arrive at your destination without feeling completely spent. With an e-bike, one moves along at a decent speed, and can travel 50-100km while barely breaking a sweat. Note the distance an e-bike can travel on a single charge is highly variable, depending on the bike and battery, load of rider and gear, speed, terrain, temperature, and other factors.
      4. Be more confident.
        Have you thought about getting back into cycling, but worried about your strength and endurance? Or, are you a cyclist who has turned down some rides because you are not confident in your abilities to manage the hills, speed, or distance? With an e-bike, confidence in your ability to keep up with the group and complete the ride will increase.
      5. Enjoy cycling with friends or family members.
        A repeated theme at Humdinger is a person participating in a cycling trip who would not have come if an e-bike was not an option. An e-bike levels the playing field and allows people who enjoy each other’s company to ride together, even if they do not have the same level of fitness.
      6. Return to cycling sooner after injury or illness.
        Cyclists who have had health challenges and cannot ride their regular bikes may be able to ride an e-bike. Many e-bikes have a step-through frame, which means it is easier to get on, even with reduced leg mobility. For some, the e-bike is a temporary tool to help transition back to a regular bike, and for others it may become their permanent cycling mode. Either way – you are getting back out on the bike!
      7. Cycle on more challenging terrain.
        If you love cycling but detest hills, wind, or uneven terrain, you may find that an e-bike greatly expands the routes and destinations that are available to you. If Alpe d’Huez is on your bucket list, a little pedal assist might not be a bad idea.
      8. Commute. 
        E-bikes are greener than cars and are encouraged as a form of transportation in many cities. Riding a regular bike to work may involve sweating, which then necessitates showering and changing. E-bikes eliminate this and other barriers to cycle commuting. They can be faster and more convenient than commuting on a regular bike, and are less likely to leave you feeling tired when you get to where you are going.
      9. Carry stuff.
        You can use an e-bike a bit like a mule – throw some panniers on and bring home your groceries, or set out on a bike-packing trip, and let the pedal assist do the work to move the extra weight. For bike-packing, don’t forget to plan where to charge the battery between rides!
      10. Enjoy the ride!
        On an e-bike, you are more likely to enjoy the scenery. Rather than having your head down and grimacing as you struggle up a hill, you will be looking around at the flora and fauna, and sporting what is known in the trade as an e-grin.


Sporting an e-grin!

Are e-bikes for everyone? Definitely not! Are they a super cool class of bike that makes cycling doable and enjoyable for more people? Definitely yes! At Humdinger Bicycle Tours, we are convinced of the benefits and have a rental fleet of iGo Electric Bikes from local provider eBikewerkz. Maybe you will give one a try, or encourage a friend or family member to get their e-grin going.

Interested in renting an e-bike? Contact us!